The Society for the Preservation of Wild Culture invites its members into an exploration of the spaces in between the savage and the civilised, the raw and the cooked, the natural and the constructed, the hot oven and the Baked Alaska, the wilderness and the city.

We like places of all kinds and we particularly like ecotones: the transition places between two ecosystems (i.e., between the forest and the mountains, the desert and the ocean). In a sense, the ecotone between wild and culture is our stomping ground. Come explore it with us!

Our journey together is in the spirit of play and experimentation, wonder and novelty. Sometimes it will be thrilling, sometimes moving, amusing, rewarding, sometimes just so-so. Members are encouraged to collaborate on the Society’s various online and offline programs and activities so they might find the unexpected. In the words of one of our heroes, Pete Seeger: "When people get together, miracles happen."

The SPWC discovered unexpectedly that it was born into the tradition of 'friendly societies', which means we exist for the mutual benefit of our members.

Our explicit goal is to increase the social, intellectual and economic livelihood of our members. We do that in the hope that we may pass on to others what we have gained by working together enjoyably.

We hope you’ll join us.

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Join us and meet up with local SPWC community members and supporters for illumination and amusement.

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All members receive an official SPWC membership card, an annual subscription to the downloadable, collectible Journal of Wild Culture iPad/tablet magazine, 8 issues a year (premiere issue coming in the autumn), 'The Ostrich Fern', our newsletter, also 8 issues a year. And, we’ll be offering you discounts on some very good products and services in our SHOP, coming soon.

Members will make also full use of the Treehouse, the online gathering and workshop space we're building at Think of it as a place where you meet to connect with others to work on creative projects, to make different kind of things that are fun and rewarding. The Treehouse will include profile pages, apps, art-making tools and some simple methods that make invention easy. The goal is to play and experiment, try out new things and get to know our creative selves through doing. It’s the doing that counts.

Eventually we'd like to see this type of collaboration happen offline, but for now we're building at

While we’re at it, we also hope to do some worthy projects in our local regions. Sound ambitious? It’s all in the attitude. Join now and help us build it.

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