People behind the scene


Erica Glover

Erica is an SPWC Design Team member and, as a scientific illustrator and designer delighted by the subtle observations of her environment and casual interactions, she finds joy in introducing and reconnecting others to their own magical surroundings. Growing up in Singapore, she would watch her expatriate friends frequently arrive, share, and leave, and since then she has been interested in developing and facilitating comfortable creative spaces for her peers to do the same. She lives in Montreal.

Lisa Wilson

Lisa Wilson has a degree in economics and is a member of the Economic Research Council. Past research has focused on defence, environmental and health economics and in these areas she is an active and strong advocate, often at the parliamentary level.

Her role in the development of The Journal of Wild Culture online cannot be underestimated, as she has been an important and generous supporter on the financial, management and editorial side. In London she is a key member of the editorial, administrative and the social enterprise teams where her unique and intuitive reading of how 'wild culture' can be embodied into a non-partisan political universe has a strong voice. A great lover of music, Lisa is also involved in live music and musical theatre production projects of various kinds.

Tim Wilson

Tim has made documentaries for radio and television broadcast, web and theatrical release, and as private commissions. He has interviewed, collaborated with or produced profiles of some of the most notable figures of our time, including Alexander Solzhenitsyn, Albert Speer, and John Lennon and Yoko Ono. A former host on National Public Radio and of CBC’s Arts Report, Tim is a contributor to its flagship documentary series, Ideas.

His 2008 feature documentary Griefwalker, produced by The National Film Board of Canada, is now distributed internationally. Tim has guest-lectured, hosted or taught at the Banff School of Fine Arts, the McLuhan Program in Culture and Technology (U. of Toronto), Acadia and Laurentian universities, and New York’s Cathedral of St. John the Divine.

Chris Lowry

Chris Lowry is a media producer with a focus on deep sustainability. Chris has been active as a social entrepreneur for over 20 years. He has produced internationally acclaimed TV documentary, drama, and animated films. He is a writer and editor of publications including magazines, books, training manuals and educational materials, and has overseen the production of many language versions of both print and video materials.

He co-founded the original Journal of Wild Culture in 1986, and has also worked with agencies such as MSF/Doctors Without Borders (Canada) in the field of child health and rights. He has won awards for his films and other work including a film portrait of the artist Jack Chambers and the AIDS education cartoon Karate Kids which was translated into 30 languages.

Brad Harley

Brad Harley is an illustrator, cartoonist, theatre designer and co-director and chief designer of Shadowland Theatre. Inspired by Welfare State's Tempest on Snake Island production in Toronto in the early 1980s, he worked with a team of artists to develop Shadowland Theatre as a Toronto Island-based arts collective. He has worked extensively as a theatre designer with VideoCabaret, Peter Minshall's Callaloo productions in Trinidad, Horse and Bambo (UK), Bread and Puppet Theater (US). In 2006, Brad conceived and built the sets and costumes for a children’s musical, “The House That Jack Built,” for Suitcase Theatre. His recently launched limited edition book, Reasons To Be Happy, will be published soon as a Wild Culture Press ebook.