Bruno Latour — Inside the 'Planetary Boundaries': Gaia's Estate"

Bruno Latour — Inside the 'Planetary Boundaries': Gaia's Estate"
Published: Jul 05, 2014
From 'Facing Gaia: Six lectures on the political theology of nature.' Presented as part of the Gifford Lectures on Natural Religion. Edinburgh, February 2013. Announced as winner of the 2013 Holberg Prize a month later, the prize committee stated that Latour "has undertaken an ambitious analysis and reinterpretation of modernity, and has challenged fundamental concepts such as the distinction between modern and pre-modern, nature and society, human and non-human," and that "the impact of Latour's work is evident internationally and far beyond studies of the history of science, art history, history, philosophy, anthropology, geography, theology, literature and law."

Read the transcripts of the six Gifford Lectures by Bruno Latour.




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