What for you . . . what now for us?

What for you . . . what now for us?
Published: Nov 10, 2016
We want to hear from you about what you're feeling and thinking after the result of the US election.


Dear Reader,

Well, the sun did come up on Wednesday November 9th, 2016 . . .

Yet, even we Canadians are feeling the loss of so much that we assumed was safe or getting better.

Given the progress we have made in the last fifty years, what occurred on Tuesday appears to be a horrific psychic slide backwards. Perhaps it won't be.

A friend from New York, whose son wrote to him from college, “Please help. I’m stressing so much”, consoled him by saying “it is even more important for you and us to do what we can — to be even smarter and strategic — to keep educating and organizing.”

Indeed. Shock and grief require tenderness but also concerted response.

There is no ‘it’ and there is no ‘us vs. them’. It is so many things that can only come from all of us speaking from, and into, a circle of wisdom.

The Journal of Wild Culture wants to hear from you. We are inviting your voice.

Every month we’ll publish a batch of reflections about what you are experiencing, seeing and hearing, and ways we can hold true to what is right and what is better.

We want to hear from everyone, but especially Americans who are inside the current situation.

Each contribution will be anonymous with your location and occupation, unless you would like us to include your name.

Send your reflections to society@wildculture.com with the subject line, Voices Upon Voices.

Yours in solidarity,

Whitney Smith
The Journal of Wild Culture


Storm mage by Logan Feliciano.



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