Tell Us About WIld Culture Near You . . .

Tell Us About WIld Culture Near You . . .
Published: Jan 09, 2014
We can't be everywhere, but we really want to share where wild culture is happening in your region. Please send us a message and tell us what, where and when . . . if it's fits in the wild culture basket, we'll publish on the site and start letting people know.

Juggling Edge, Bristol, England, 12-14 September, 2014


It's simple. All we need to know is:

• Name of event

• Location

• Date

• Email contact / website

• And anything else you care to share about it.





Headhunter's Ball, Irian jaya, Papau


EXAMPLES (Ficticious)

  • Poet's Boxing, Brooklyn, New York 
  • Conference on the Poetry of Physics and the Physics of Poetry, Dublin, Ireland [dates, website, email contact — whatever you have!]


Send it to us at, or leave us a comment below. We'll do the rest.



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