Published: Feb 19, 2017
“Louise Bak’s poetry," writes Canadian author Brian Fawcett, "is a unique sort of cultural and cognitive music, filled with swift elisions between tropes of sound, morphology, culture and the erotic that makes it disturbing, disorienting or enchanting in an utterly unpredictable way. No one else is making poetry like hers because, I suspect, no one else can go quite as fast and stay in control of the materials.” Another way of saying this is, if you like your reading and language to go easy on you, then you way want to try something else from our Prose, Poetry and Poetics section: fair warning. The Journal of Wild Culture is here to puncture convention, and for a couple of decades now Louise Bak has been challenging the neurosynaptic processing of readers as they translate words on the page into meaning. With ‘Dreich' she shows no signs of letting up on her indefatigable explorations. • Paintings by Anton Hirschfeld.

'Train Windows', Anton Hirschfeld, 2011. Acrylic on paper 100 x 65 cm.


came through sliding doors, as a carried out of bag, not

narrowed shrieks and chafes of up motive carts. couple

ran kicks in put of wheels nestier, lit in mini crossing's

hailing of mpv waited not very long of dreich, as sat at

bag's synthetic oud. lost in quick gesture of pressed of

somehow found left want want crisps, someone asking

what thought of it rushed splattered blast of night cool.

diminished line from tapped brow's though of couldn't

sleep, mosquito continuously beaded bites, in the night

and consecutive anecdata to chosed not to point-action


seen waried prod of lugs, sections below the watch that

the strap connects to, in paused feening for faved as sat

womp of chair's vinyl, hand out from under tech-jersey

of a jacket, tore of aluminum. slippy simmered build of

erve tail. rocked like a puccho, having barred spirals to

having start of nose's itch, while rest of face's practise

reasons why it won't work, heard taught to put a choose

when/how to accept want, as rapid blinked to few turns

of ceiling fan's pushed imbrium. a moved about a door's

cot slowed in fixed look, issue of pogo skitty with other


characters, all at several feet away. a staffer stroked-off

board's cbt, unaware the missed steps in returning from

19th high school reunion on empty bilevel train. within

seconds, stood near of wish to skate neens some time to

worn tensity smiled at chair, by walk-through's attached

part of treated post's bottle of seamed blue glass. rocked

small flea bites on its bottom oval in five fingers, caved

on swifter steps, by waiters' averted gazes, evaded stair

rods' arrival of one from the first time at the group, who

said on larp, a role as triperrance for those efforts to feel


no one from whom needed to escape. turned back, either

end of shelf's lock and lock containers, upturned palmed

instance of shirasu crock filed abreast of footing in can't

think what color the noren was, its rummaging, an apish

shadow grew in stages smaller, staggered seizes at some

gotten places. a hand locked, shook and reversed, moons

faded except for a thumb's frigid surges. mind bobbed at

where a wish of oneself to where near bound up edge of

a binary star's jetted arms, not heard its light left it years

ago. varying paces took from a heater's air cut in twisted

clangs, to somnial thin cut on a saucer edge's loosed tiny

lid, of could try enough to want it to cohere. stickied end

stuck around white only in sidelongs  as room's passings

by, one's shoulders and  back wiggled quarter of a more

than one occasions' finger traps' incorrectly pulled what

it takes. stridence coarsened in bunches of obento picks

stuffed between boy-faced rice balls with molded kikos.

couple steps looked, to a hillocked garbage in receptacle

chuds of don't call back telling of to start today scattered

in clasped at ringing, like astuces around right eye to the

orpimented instance with containers of cake pops, push-

upable pinwheel and sundae triffs. bristled at the moved


itself fall, diagonally disappeared in a moment, virtually

no friction at camote chip bags' plinks like some cy cuts

closed in as above, dulled funassyi revolved on a string.

stood by coordination to get the drag is becoming piece,

project room floor's supplying of seeming oxycontin on

monobloc chair. walked with head down, in the having

to get atleast once a day's, questioning that nothing one

does is worth while. moved by window's sky sheeted in

another reflected bumaba film, a pipe convecting lessed

nodes of heating, as in heart drummed to where in mind


dropped to liver area, dim raspings a loned toggle loop's

nothing to weigh it down. turned full behind, the flexure

of a sock puppet, purported occasions giving free advice

to abrupt spirit struggs. held bucking in headset of fewer

people's made out evp's periodic tfw muting of everyone

who've nothing elsed, along the gone missing of keys all

the time, weren't where put by bedside's pen. somewhere

out of view, said listened longest a momentarily like of a

needle skipped gaps at record's end. impassive faces of a

scant audience stepped back, as rolled back runnings set


about sunk down in a chair. a folded newspaper's noting

some bit further from what they're given to perceive, as

knees pulled making oneself smaller, in sat on end of an

upsale shelf. flare free leds scaled subsonic rolled nutted

sonny cone on upper arm, excerpted from mun gum like

micro-slip itches, from told accidentally against straight

edge of gallery wall's shouldn't have to persuade anyone

in you're worth the time. below throat's incipient taste of

heavy rain and shied aside synthetic in toilet roll cover as

crinolined doll, a kind of inanition from not eating actual


aliment all day, fingers rigid spread distance between the

counters coursed like ruddy soliton of a finger over a lens.

couldn't cry, along a though it well insulated, zeroidal fare

in damp condensated top's mini-pleats pinned in the back.

head backed, tugged swallows, as of last week's oft what

they say and adjacent restroom's sudden started from like

obe's rushes of discolored arms of invacare frame's small

part with being pulled and heavily creased misadjusts of

backs of held hand patterns, separate from short of wash

counter, along began otiosed rising infrasound, surfaced


as to be run through, little detectable pocket of pressure

under an eye's couldn't fit it in anything like single draft

of losing face. an older woman picking about glass and

aluminum door, peered with fell and scared rising again

goes of thompson hat, along breathlessness about shard

of a line with huai dan, not as slighting as what of some

part that thinks blew it. hovered a charger wire at outlet

syncs collapsing, up from trailed subsurface of couldn't

hate tries of reaching out to sum1, adjudged missing of

a part turns to end-ups like has to go back ied plates, at


glass by ridge of eyebrows. a male with a gele took off,

retreated of played dial tone,  retained oblique idleness

about mouth's going for help. breath jiggled flank's dull

thudded two fold spoon rests, didn't want the turned set

back of a heel's shouldn't be ignores a binch of slanting

hunger, blinked and dropped of lids not going to eat, as

raised, like about to pass and come back of added loscil

over everything, along angled gävlebocken's stayed for

now, from would-be-odds-of-over-interference. saw as

far as window chamber's set of selfie in front of a write


board mirror, positioned to reflect store logo, the sway

of towelled like phragmite shoots, dirtied as ain't even

morn sky. stood, pinching of a breath off of junctional

site's irritative seep to knees. one in grasps in elasticity

of flex shower mirror, one on lvt floor's caustic instant

on to erratic steps. two-fifths down an aisle, a cosmetic

tutorial screen of a viewer/user flitted. its summing up

poses' to rely on, as overly of some nombreux felt is is

unbearable. as though someone had just brushed up on

the other side's wsup with deleting text thread filled up

in bites carpal kaomoji, rakes foundation on variegated

pores, saggened out, doesn't count as nobody listening.


'Lost in Yellow', Anton Hirschfeld, 2011. Acrylic on paper 65 x 50 cm.


cbt — can't be touched (slang)

shirasu — whitebait, an immature variety of fish (Japanese)

kiko — be happy, smiling face

bumaba — to go down, descend but also to alight (Tagalog)

tfw — that feeling when (slang)

mun gum — allergy (Cantonese)

obe — out of body experience

huai dan — bad egg (Cantonese)

ied — improvised explosive device

loscil — refers to innerness, loneliness in numerology


'Etude', Anton Hirschfeld, 2013. Mixed media on paper 65 x 38 cm.





LOUISE BAK is the author of Syzygy (DC Books), Tulpa (Coach House Books) Gingko Kitchen (Coach House Books) and emeighty (Letters Bookshop). She is the co-host of Sex City, Toronto's only radio show focused on intersections between sexuality and culture. Her performance work has appeared in various videos, including Crimes of the Heart, Partial Selves and Buffalo Death Mask. Louise also curates and hosts a salon series called The Box, which encourages communication across literary and artistic borders.

ANTON HIRSCHFELDborn in 1992, lives and works in Paris.



Submitted by Monte McMurchy (not verified) on Sun, 02/19/2017 - 11:26


Louise Bak writes with an intensity which glistens. The internality in thought expression is, for me, strident, calm and yet with edge that creates an element of disequilibrium. Bak's writing is not easy to absorb initially, however, her use of language in structure and rhythm, inclusive of wording form, is truly excellent.

Louise Bak, thank you for sharing.

Monte McMurchy
Sun, 02/19/2017 - 11:26

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