Coronavirus: Why You Need to Act Now

Coronavirus: Why You Need to Act Now
Published: Mar 22, 2020
COVID-19 CASES IN THE U.S., MARCH 1: 88. MARCH 20: 18,000. This article was published on March 10 and has since received over 40 million views, and was translated into 30 languages. Tomas Pueyo immersed himself in the key data and produced this exhaustive 39 page analysis of the outbreak. His most recent article, 'Coronavirus, The Hammer and the Dance', is summarized here with a link. The interview with Pueyo was conducted by Rebel Wisdom. ¶ We're not doing this to scare anyone — Don't get squeamish, just get going! — but just let you know what could happen. If you're the least bit fuzzy about social isolation and distancing, sit yourself down and digest this. Spread it around like a hungry virus.





ARTICLE 1: 'Coronavirus: Why You Must Act Now' by Tomas Pueyo

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With everything that’s happening about the Coronavirus, it might be very hard to make a decision of what to do today. Should you wait for more information? Do something today? What?

Here’s what I’m going to cover in this article, with lots of charts, data and models with plenty of sources:

How many cases of coronavirus will there be in your area?

What will happen when these cases materialize?

What should you do?


When you’re done reading the article, this is what you’ll take away:

The coronavirus is coming to you.

It’s coming at an exponential speed: gradually, and then suddenly.

[Not convinced? WATCH this brief video graph to see how there were 88 cases in the U.S. on March 1 and 18,000 on March 20.]

It’s a matter of days. Maybe a week or two.

When it does, your healthcare system will be overwhelmed.

Your fellow citizens will be treated in the hallways.

Exhausted healthcare workers will break down. Some will die.

They will have to decide which patient gets the oxygen and which one dies.

The only way to prevent this is social distancing today. Not tomorrow. Today.

That means keeping as many people home as possible, starting now.

As a politician, community leader or business leader, you have the power and the responsibility to prevent this.

You might have fears today: What if I overreact? Will people laugh at me? Will they be angry at me? Will I look stupid? Won’t it be better to wait for others to take steps first? Will I hurt the economy too much?

But in 2-4 weeks, when the entire world is in lockdown, when the few precious days of social distancing you will have enabled will have saved lives, people won’t criticize you anymore: They will thank you for making the right decision.

Ok, let’s do this.

THE FULL ARTICLE, 'Coronavirus: Why You Must Act Now',  IS AVAILABLE HERE.



Coronavirus spread by country, journal of wild culture, ©2020


ARTICLE 2: 'Coronavirus, The Hammer and the Dance' by Tomas Pueyo


Tomas Pueyo, 'The Hammer and the Dance' diagram journal of wild culture, ©2020

SUMMARY of the article, 'Coronavirus, The Hammer and the Dance': Strong coronavirus measures today should only last a few weeks, there shouldn’t be a big peak of infections afterwards, and it can all be done for a reasonable cost to society, saving millions of lives along the way. If we don’t take these measures, tens of millions will be infected, many will die, along with anybody else that requires intensive care, because the healthcare system will have collapsed.

THE FULL ARTICLE, 'Coronavirus, The Hammer and the Dance', IS AVAILABLE HERE.


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TOMAS PUEYO is a former consultant with a MSc in Engineering and MBA from Stanford. He is a creator of applications with >20M users and is currently leading the business @CourseHero. @tomaspueyo

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