Rick / Simon's Harvest of Beauty & Intrigue

Rick / Simon's Harvest of Beauty & Intrigue
Published: Nov 24, 2019
If a child might ask, "What does it mean 'to have a good eye'?", we could say, "Look at the photo collages of Rick/Simon. Look at what he does with small things he finds in nature — a twig with leaves here, a flower with petals there — and how he puts them together to make interesting pictures. He has a good eye for beautiful things that get our attention and bring us pleasure."


Simon, Rick. Dressed for Dinner. 2019.




Milkweed, Rick Simon, journal of wild culture, ©2019

Simon, Rick. Milkweed. 2019.




See Creature

Simon, Rick. See Creature. 2019.





Simon, Rick. Thistles. Date unknown.




Bush Flat

Simon, Rick. Bush Flat. 2019.





Shaving & Cactus

Simon, Rick. Shaving and Cactus. 2019.




Rick Simon, Larch&Sphere

Simon, Rick. Larch and Speer. 2019.





RICK/SIMON is a graphic designer, photographer, collage artist and stilt dancer. He has worked, almost consistently, at Coach House Books in Toronto since the 1960s. For a more comprehensive article on Rick/Simon's artistic beginnings and reflections on his work, see this article. Contact address for ordering Rick Simon digital prints: mail@rslashs.net


Rick Simon stilt walker




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