Cabaret of Wild Culture, May 9, 2015

Cabaret of Wild Culture, May 9, 2015
Published: May 03, 2015
Late-night, vaudeville-esque entertainment choosing from a wide swath of performing art forms — rigorous and frivolous, tamed and untamed.


TORONTO — From the culinary arts to songs in other languages, from modern dance to ancient foraging techniques, the Cabaret of Wild Culture finds its roots in the SPWC's mandate: what's in the space between wild and culture?

The Cabaret was first produced in the 1980s as part of three programs undertaken by the Society for the Preservation of Wild Culture (SPWC): The Journal of Wild Culture (a print magazine); Landscape Readings (nature tours by artist), and the "The Café of Wild Culture" (the Cabaret's former name).

Whitney Smith and Marc Glassman, Artistic Director of the Pages UnBound Festival, produced the Cafés in the late 80s that were staged in Toronto at the Rivoli, as well as in New York at the Village Gate and at Goddard College in Plainfield, Vermont.

For more details, see the Pages Unbound Festival page for the Cabaret of Wild Culture with detailed info on the participating artists.

If you're in Toronto on the May 9, we hope you can make it!




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