On closeness and leaving

On closeness and leaving
Published: Nov 18, 2017
One of the questions we choose to contemplate resides in the liminal space between what we can control and what we cannot. Death usually falls in the latter. For that reason our curiosity about those who have moved off from this life is ground worth tilling. One of the members of the founding family of The Journal of Wild Culture online, Lisa Wilson, remembers her father who passed away ten years ago.


For Brian Philip McSweeney

April 10, 1930—November 16, 2007


Loves of your life

Your support, your line

Heaven and hell sent

To help you be fine


Paradigm from parents

Love set within

Furthers your life in hope

That the bedrock begins


Distracts and deviates

Rallies and rails

Love of your choice

Let disaster dictate


I could not be without

I cannot be within

I learnt. I gave

He left, I stayed


Leaving depth within

To explore who to be

The day after

A life is restoring


A decade on, sadness as strong

I cannot share or talk with you

I miss you as much today

I love you now as then



Photo by Whitney Smith, near Windsor Castle.


Lisa Ann Wilson is a proud Cumbrian, a member of the editorial team of The Journal of Wild Culture, and daughter of Brian McSweeney.



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