Re: visions of the Winter Holidays

Re: visions of the Winter Holidays
Published: Dec 24, 2013
In early December we asked you to send us your thoughts on how to revise or remember the winter holiday time. The submissions revealed a common thread: this season is a sponge for expectation met with anxiety, if not mild terror! And yet, the writers who spoke so candidly and eloquently about their personal experience — lodged in family rituals and their incumbent pressures — turned the winter wind into a warmly inspiring updraft.

Londoner Randy Klein captures the thrill of anticipation in "Hurrying Home to Open Presents."

From another canine viewpoint, Roxanna Bikadoroff from Vancouver launched our theme with her well-groomed poodle left tied to a pole on a frigid night.


In ‘You Are the Best Presents Ever', Heidi James, originally from Kent, England, writes of the sense of impending calamity that her mother transforms.


Caroline Lola Hopper of Pittsburgh recounts in ‘Snow Delivery’ how a father who consistently fell short found a moment of grace in a gesture of fantasy.

'The Christmas dinner that was duck' by John Paul O’Neill. In a damp dining hall near Liverpool, the lonely uncle, encircled by family and flames, is the real glitter of the evening.


And today, a little movie from New York City, 'Tango and the Close Embrace of Christmas.' A man leads his partner in high-heels through a dance around the Christmas tree.


And on the same page, a poem called ‘Stilletos’, by Amy Brundvand of the Great Basin bioregion in Utah, who also does a mean tango.


We hope you're enjoying these collaborations on a theme, if not just to be exposed to some of the excellent talent in the SPWC community.

Thanks so much to those who contributed to our original call for submissions, and to everyone for being part of the whole — preserving wild culture through the seasons.Happy Holidays! Have a joyful time, and/or a serious rest!

The Editors

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